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Calculus BC Lesson 01: Functions and Function Notation

This class covers the definition of a function, vertical line test, function notation, finding input and output, domain and range, plus homework assignments.

Audience Learning: High School and Pre-College
Language English


Reviewer: MaxDovala - - August 9, 2006
Subject: Great in General, Just a Few Bugs
I really like his course. However, the work of the AP people is just a little disappointing. For instance, the homework dosen't show up on lesson 41. When you click on it, nothing happens!

And sometimes the answers are programmed wrong for grading (e.g. you enter "d" and it marks it wrong, says "c" was correct and then the explanation is all about why "d" was right).

Occasionally, (this one really gets to me), they have actually done math wrong (something like forgetting to use the chain rule). If you are going to publish an AP calculus course, then the math needs to be right!

Other bugs include wrong coordinates for images to be displayed at (then they overlap so you can't see one of them) and a lesson that when launched takes you to a different menu than the menu for that lesson. But these are rare.

Overall, this course is excellent, but could really do with some debugging. But that's AP's problem, not MITE's. I really want to thank them for putting these resources online for us.